The Best Convertible Backpack Purse Under $70

The Daisy convertible backpack purse checks all of the marks for a quality convertible backpack. This style is lightweight, compact, and crafted of a soft pebbled vegan leather that is both easy to clean and durable. The sliding straps are specifically designed to act as a theft prevention measure, while also making convertibility from a backpack to a purse as easy as 1, 2, 3. The straps cross at the top to create a barrier of entry into the bag as it’s worn as a backpack. To convert, simply pull gently up or down on the straps.

Traditionally backpacks have a reputation for being frumpy and utilitarian, however convertible backpack purses are here to challenge that notion. The Daisy convertible backpack purse is leading the revolution in this arena with its ease of convertibility, functional design, and trend factor. 

While convertible backpack purses are just one of the many fashion trends this year, their momentum shows potential for longevity. The appeal is obvious - an attractive handbag with the utility of a convertible backpack. While the variation of convertible backpack purses is endless, the key factors you should consider when looking for a quality convertible backpack purse are the following: 

  •  Durable, easy to clean material 
  • Quality convertible straps 
  • Lightweight and compact 

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Convertible backpack purses are great for travel, leisure, and everyday use. The Daisy convertible backpack purse is the perfect compact vegan leather option for anyone shopping around for a convertible style with both a fashion element and everyday functionality. 


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