How to Clean Your Vegan Leather Bag

Cleaning and caring for your vegan leather bag is easy! The key to extending the life of your vegan leather bag is regular cleaning. Vegan leather, also known as Polyurethane (PU), or Faux leather is a low maintenance material that is a great alternative to real leather. We recommend using gentle eco-friendly products to clean the surface of your bag. To maintain your vegan leather bag in the best condition possible, follow the tips below.


How to Clean Your Vegan Leather Bag

  1. Empty out the handbag. Remove all trash. 

  2. Pull out fabric lining or turn it inside out (if possible) and vacuum the smaller crumbs and dust. Put lining back into the handbag. For spot treatments on the lining refer to step 3. 

  3. Mix a bit of mild soap or detergent with warm water, then wipe down the surface of the bag with a clean, soft white cloth dipped in the solution. (Using a white cloth can help prevent any color transfer to the bag) 

  4. Follow up with a water-dampened cloth and wipe off any excess solution. 

  5. Allow your bag to air dry, if possible, otherwise follow up with a dry cloth and wipe bag down dry. If placed outside, make sure it is out of direct sunlight.

*Remember to always test on a small area first!

DO NOT soak the handbag. DO NOT machine wash.

  • For Canvas Bags: Follow steps 1-5. We recommend using a white clean terry washcloth or soft bristle brush for more stubborn marks.
  • For Nylon Bags: Follow steps 1-5.
  • For Clear Bags: Follow steps 1-5. We recommend using a soft bristle brush like a toothbrush to help get into the corners.