How to Care For and Maintain Your Vegan Leather Bag - The Do's and Don'ts of Bag Care.

Bag maintenance goes beyond a simple cleaning. Your vegan leather goods can last a long time with the proper care. To keep your handbag in pristine shape it is important to be mindful about polishing, storage, along with daily wear and tear. Follow the tips below to extend the lifetime of your favorite vegan leather bag!


Polishing & Moisturizing Your Vegan Leather Bag

Did you know that coconut oil is an easy, eco-friendly way to maintain your Vegan Leather bag? Keeping your bag polished and moisturized with a bit of coconut oil can not only extend the life of your purse, but it also actively works to prevent cracking. Follow the steps below to maintain the sheen of your vegan leather bag.
*Works best after cleaning your bag with a solution of mild soap or detergent with warm water and allowing it to dry. 
Want to learn How to Clean Your Vegan Leather Bag ?

  1. Scoop a small amount of melted oil onto a soft clean cloth and wipe down the bag in sections, while making sure to avoid the inner lining. Repeat as necessary until entire bag has been wiped down

  2. Follow up with a clean dry cloth and wipe off excess oil.

*Please note that using coconut oil regularly can also be used as a method to darken the color of the bag. This method is better suited for darker colored handbags.

Where to store?

Storage is a vital part of caring for or maintaining your vegan leather bag. Extreme heat, sunlight, or improper storge can be detrimental to the lifespan of a handbag. Exposing your handbag to extreme heat or sunlight can cause a bag to crack, lose luster, or even lose coloration. Storing the bag improperly can cause it to lose shape or may put extra stress on your bag. It is best to store your bag in a dark room, stuffed with tissue or paper to maintain its shape. Follow the tips below to store your bag properly.

  • DO NOT store your handbag in a hot room with direct sunlight 
  • DO NOT leave your handbag in your car 
  • DO store your bag in a cool dark room, inside of a dust bag or pillowcase
  • DO stuff your handbag with tissue or old newspaper to maintain its shape
  • DO NOT hang your handbags to store them. 
  • Do store your handbags by laying them upright or flat, this helps avoid adding extra stress on straps or seams 
  • DO NOT stack your bags on top of each other when storing them, this could cause damage to structured bags, scratches, and/or dents. 
  • DO NOT store your bags inside a plastic or vinyl bag, this could lead to plastic or vinyl sticking to the vegan leather or mildew growth due to moisture build up

Everyday Wear

Regular cleaning and proper storage is vital to maintaining your vegan leather bag in the best shape possible, however everyday wear can lead to unnecessary damage. Follow the tips below to make sure you are not adding extra stress and damage to your bag through everyday use.

  • DO NOT overstuff your bag, be cautious of the weight you carry in your bag– This helps preserve the strap and seams 
  • DO swap out your bags frequently, if possible
  • DO use pouches for makeup, pens, and miscellaneous items to maintain the inside lining of your bag clean (Many of our styles include inside pouches to help you with this issue)

We hope these tips help you clean and maintain your Vegan Leather bag in great shape! For any questions or concerns please reach out to

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